Design Research

Design Research

Research & strategy to drive design decisions

My research philosophy is that of solving problems. This covers a wide space, and my skillset covers a spectrum from defining a problem space to proposing, implementing, and testing a solution. In many cases, much of this space has already been filled, or is spread between team members. Whether my 'slice' is wide or narrowly focused, I keep this entire spectrum in mind to focus on the goal of solving problems.

I rely on a variety of research techniques including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. The diagram below illustrates how I use research methods throughout the product development cycle, and is followed by examples of some of my research work.

Design research during each stage of product development

Research Case Study: foosball training app

The research process for this foosball training app was interesting in several respects. First, there are very few competitors in this space, with the corollary that the target market of competitive foosball players is small. While this presented some challenges in terms of seeking out users for insight and feedback, it was ultimately a very warm and rewarding population to work with, who were thrilled to help a project designed for their sport.

This design research case study describes the exploratory research & strategy stages of app design and development. A description of the full design process for this study, including user testing later in the development cycle, can be found here:
Slingshot case study.

Exploratory research & product strategy

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Slingshot foosball trainer research report